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Content Marketing for Industrial white-paper-content-marketing-rpm.jpgCompanies

The old rules have changed. Industrial companies research, interact with, and ultimately choose suppliers
very differently now than they did as recently as five years ago.

Content Marketing puts some control back in the hands of the marketer – while still respecting the buyer
and the nature of today’s industrial marketplace. It reaches buying decision makers and influencers on
their time, and speaks in a voice that connects with them.

Learn how Content Marketing:

  • Puts control of the marketing dynamic back in your hands, spurring your targets to interact with you

  • Builds trust and relationships with buyers via the channels they’re most comfortable with

  • Enables you to reach all 4 types of decision-makers: The User, The Financier, The Boss, and The Influencer

  • Helps you learn more about – and grow – your existing audience

You have a 0.8% chance of getting a $1,000,000 contract from a first-time buyer.

In an effort to bring transparency to what buyers really look at when vetting suppliers, we surveyed 121 industrial buyers. Download the full survey results.

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