How We Generate Leads and Achieve Goals For Your Industrial Business

The RPM strategy starts by nailing down the goals, plans, challenges and timelines you have for your company.

customer_chat.svgNext, we review your business to identify the current state of your KPIs. From this research, we develop a strategy to target your most valuable customer types. As the content and promotion strategy unfolds, we analyze our success and move resources to tactics that are driving more opportunity.

This tactical flexibility allows us to use our vast knowledge of the manufacturing and industrial space to deploy the most beneficial approaches at the most advantageous times — culminating in the achievement of your goals.

Goal & Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Analysis

You have growth and strategic goals for your manufacturing business — and you want to attain them ASAP. Great! The first step in the RPM lead generation and goal targeting process is to figure out where you are in relation to those targets. By evaluating your current opportunity levels, customer and industry targets, sales process and tactical strategies, we can accurately determine the distance between your current and desired metrics. From this analysis, we scope the workload required to move the needle toward your objective.

KPI Discussion

Let’s dig deep and find out all about your current traffic, close rate, average sales value, industry targets, typical customers, revenue targets and strategic goals.

Proposal Review

Your plan of action includes an overview of your RPM team, analysis of your KPIs, the scope of the starting strategy and investment required to achieve your goals.

Measuring Speed

How do you want to get to your goals — fast, faster or fastest? We can craft plans depending on how aggressive you want to be.

Marketing Strategy Development

strategy.svgInformation from your KPI discussion is combined with a SWOT analysis, target persona construction, competitor research, strategy game plan, content ideas, campaign components and a starting three-month roll out plan to create the touchstone document used to launch your new marketing aimed at achieving your goals.

See how your strategy is developed.

Set Your Inbound Marketing Foundation


Your marketing plan needs a strong website and marketing platform to succeed. The RPM team will make sure that you have a flexible website with an intuitive user experience that can grow with your business. Your marketing platform will be integrated into your site to create efficiencies for marketing, sales and ownership.

Focus on website design and development.

Content Generation

content_generation.svgContent is the fuel that drives marketing success. Your Digital Marketing Strategist will work with you to generate content designed to help the targeted prospects on their journey to becoming a customer. By aiding the target audience with information that helps speed their education, evaluation, and ability to take action with your business, you generate trust and authority. The most critical factor – be helpful in their buying and specifying process!

*PRO TIP: No one comes to your manufacturing site for fun. Deploy helpful content to immediately increase conversions from existing traffic.

Get a look at your potential customers.

Promotion to Target Audience

target_audience.svgNow it’s time to get that great new content in front of as many people as possible and start them on their journey to becoming a customer. By using search engine optimization (SEO), blogs, social media, email marketing, pay-per-click, press releases, promoted posts and advertising, your Digital Marketing Strategist will work to increase exposure of your business, products and services. Each tactic builds upon the success of the others to create new opportunities.

Learn more about each marketing tactic.

Lead Conversions


Your new game plan will generate leads: Marketing Qualified Leads come from conversions on content related to the education and evaluation sections of the journey. Sales Qualified Leads are generated from the action portion of the strategy. Both are valuable and can generate business.

All leads should be reviewed by sales and acted on appropriately as quickly as possible. Leads should be evaluated for quality and that feedback relayed to the Digital Marketing Strategist. As the leads flow in, they will be segmented and setup for progressive profiling for continued sales intelligence.

See the best approach for lead follow up.

Tactical Analysis and ROI Tracking

radar-tracking.svgEach month, your Digital Marketing Strategist will generate a scorecard outlining your goals, the tactical initiatives deployed and the leads that were generated. Additional goal-based reporting will be appended as needed. By constantly analyzing the performance of each initiative in the marketing platform, your Digital Marketing Strategist can continue to improve lead quality.

Take a look at tactics and ROI.

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