SEO for Manufacturing Companies

Chances are you’ve been approached by an untold number of SEO experts claiming they can “get you to #1 on Google!”

rpm-seo-1.jpgDriving boat loads of hollow traffic from useless resources will make for a very pretty graph at the end of every month, but it won’t change the sales numbers for your industrial business.

These folks are painting the simplest picture to part a fool and his money. Don’t fall for it.

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SEO for manufacturing companies is all about driving the RIGHT traffic to your site to provide the most high value opportunities. This all starts with keyword targeting.

The RPM team has over 30 engineers on staff that team with our SEO Analysts to provide the most relevant targeting for your customer base and business goals.

Using your feedback from typical customer interactions we can distill the most likely terms potential high value customers are using when leveraging the search engines to source your products or services.

While other SEO companies focus solely on traffic and volume of specific search terms, we expand your SEO reach into long tail terms that only engineers or procurement managers in the advanced stages of sourcing would use.

Once we’ve finalized the blueprint, we’re ready to start the process of manufacturing SEO content for use on your site.

The good news for industrial product and service suppliers like you, is they have a wealth of great information and stories to tell… but somehow it just hasn’t made it online yet.

We’re tooled up to get this done for you. At the same time, the team will be targeting new off page SEO opportunities to expose your business and the great content we just made together.

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Your RPM team will track the progress of the targeted keywords for business impact.

As the initial targeting continues to produce results, we re-tool and keep targeting. You don’t rest in your attempts to drive your business forward, why should we?

Flexibility is a main tenant of the RPM team… and rest is for the weak. We will drive on for your SEO results.

While Google continuously releases algorithm and filter updates, the knowledge required to work within the machine becomes greater and greater with each passing day.

We’re on top of this – it’s our job. Bring us on board. You can focus on filling that next order for Lockheed Martin, and we’ll watch the SEO part of the shop for you.

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You have a 0.8% chance of getting a $1,000,000 contract from a first-time buyer.

In an effort to bring transparency to what buyers really look at when vetting suppliers, we surveyed 121 industrial buyers. Download the full survey results.

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